What is Binge Eating?

how to stop binge eating

A lot of people will not be sure what is binge eating and what just a few extra snacks is. Loss of control is the main difference and while it is possible to spread out a meal in a restaurant with chatting and gaps between courses, here there will be eating continually for around 2 hours. It is not possible for the stomach to actually hold any more food. Some people who have finished a session could not actually say what they had eaten and if they had enjoyed it. This may not happen every day and it can seem as if there will not be any more episodes, it suddenly happens again and all the old feelings of depression will come back. Most people will eat too much from time to time and there is nothing really wrong with this if kept in order. A night in a good restaurant may put temptations in front of us and on holiday there is a feeling of letting your hair down and having three courses night after night. To say that there is a binge eating disorder, then things have to go a lot further, and this will be when eating too much becomes uncontrollable and there is no longer a need to eat so much and it will not matter what is being eaten, and there is no longer enjoyment but just the need to take in as much as possible. In a lot of cases the person will eat too much will do so because they are unhappy and believe the food will make them feel better, but most of the time it will only make them feel worse? The feeling of contentment that momentarily follows an episode is going to be brief and soon there will be feeling of self hate and regret. Due to the weight gain there can be additional medical problems faced and this is going to keep the cycle going – additional eating and the medical conditions getting worse again. Food is seen firstly as a friend to help them get through the bad times and then as the enemy that has caused the bad times. In order to feel better they eat again and there does not seem to be a way out.

How To Stop Binge Eating

what is binge eating

Saying the best thing to do is to stop binge eating may seem easy enough, but it is actually a difficult thing to do. It can seem as if some people have beaten the addiction, but they are either just getting better at hiding it or are just managing to control it for a short period of time. The first step is to understand why the problem has occurred and see if there is a trigger that will start a binge eating session. If this can be dealt with then the problem could go away quickly. The problem is that there is often more than one trigger and as they can be complex, stopping is not going to happen right away. Don't limit the sort of food that be eaten as this can mean that there will not be a sudden splurge after months of being denied a certain item. At this stage it should be possible to cut down and start a sensible eating regime. One way to stop will be to do something that will make eating impossible. Understanding how to stop binge eating can mean a total change of lifestyle, but the inconvenience at the time will be well and truly worth it at the end. If you can go for a long walk and either go somewhere where there are no shops, or do not take any money then the urge could have passed by the time you get home. Certain musical instruments will be ideal to learn as it will be hard to hold a sandwich while playing the piano, or put a hot dog in your mouth if there is already a mouthpiece there. If the urge to binge eat does come upon you, play a game with yourself where you plan what you will eat. Decide to have things that have to be cooked – certain things can take 20 – 30 minutes to cook and by the time it is ready, you may decide that you do not want as much as you had planned to eat. If you think that will be too hard to do, begin to cook and then eat salad while it is cooking. By the time the meal is ready you will not want as much as you did before. You could even bargain with yourself – I will eat whatever I want for 10 minutes and then I am going for a walk.

Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

binge eating disorder treatment

There are a variety of binge eating disorder treatment and this can range from self help, although this can only be with mild cases, to speaking to someone and for cases that cannot be dealt with any other way – medication. Psychotherapy will be held with an expert and they will have an insight into the problems that family and friends will not have. It will normally work as a two way attack – firstly learning to be practical with food and taking on a healthy attitude to it, and then finding other ways to deal with the stresses and strains that would normally lead to binging. If it does come to medication, then it is likely to be a form of anti depressant that is used- often it is Prozac or Paxil. There is another tablet that will work and this is Topamax, but this is not often used as there can be serious side effects.